Motorized Wheelbarrow Expands the Horizons of Use

Motorized wheelbarrow - let's start with an electric bicycle. Have…
Sustainable Design is at the Heart of Karjola Smart Electric WheelbarrowBlockhapp d.o.o.

Sustainable by Design – 7 Sustainable Design Principles

The environmental footprint of a product throughout its life…
Founders of Karjola with the smart electric wheelbarrow Karjola

The Karjola Story – Committed Team and Digital Tools

The Karjola story: we want to ease the burden for people around the world, particularly for the elderly. Digital tools also help us with this.

How to Choose the Right Electric Wheelbarrow

An electric wheelbarrow can make your work much easier, hence…
Electric WheelbarrowBlockhapp d.o.o.

Top 7 reasons to Buy an Electric Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow is one of the most useful tools to help in the garden, around the house, in the orchard, in the vineyard and elsewhere. Quite often there is not only one in the use, but several, where each serves its purpose.
Winter vegetablesMateja Treven

30 Minutes of Working with the Soil Helps to Remove Stress

Just 30 minutes of gardening can do a lot to reduce stress levels…
Developer and Designer of KarjolaMateja Treven

The Story of Karjola

The story of Karjola began with a small orchard and meadow in…
Električna samokolnica

Intuitive Electric Wheelbarrow Karjola Was Successfully Introduced at Forum Agenti in Italy

In cooperation with the agency Spirit Slovenija and Agent321…
Prva predstavitev iKarjole - Električna samokolnicaBlockhapp d.o.o.
Električna samokolnica

Smart Intuitive Electric Wheelbarrow, Is this Possible?

More than year ago I was thinking a lot about an electric wheelbarrow…

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