Bravo Karjola Team! Intuitive Electric Wheelbarrow Karjola Experienced Its First Presentation to Friends and Families.

Smart, innovative and at the same time simple intuitive electric wheelbarrow Karjola was presented to the public for the first time. Due to Covid-19, this was limited to family members and friends. Great enthusiasm. Many were amazed that there are no gear levers, just one safety button, that nothing gets stuck and that it goes just as fast as you want / walk. You just grab it and drive it. No need to think about which levers need to be moved if you want faster, if you want to reverse, or if you want to stop. It also follows you down the hill at your pace and there is no need to drag it back and stop. Pure comfort.

The presentation took place as part of the GP Karjola race in Bizjak, Kal nad Kanalom. The race with wheelbarrows, which was carried out this year with ordinary ones, required good physical condition from the competitors. Driving (running) up the slope without the help of an engine was quite tiring. That is why we all enthusiastically greeted Karjola, who arrived at the scene right on the car towbar. This, too, is the innovation that Karjola brings. To use it at the country house, in the woods or in a field that is a bit away is no longer a problem. You just place it on your car towbar, and you drive.

Some of us are already looking forward to getting it as it will really come in handy.

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