Transport of the firewood

Easy transport of the firewood

A wheelbarrow is one of the most useful tools to help in the garden, around the house, in the orchard, in the vineyard and elsewhere. Quite often there is not only one in the use, but several, where each serves its purpose.

However, for driving uphill or down a steep slope or for heavier loads, a lot of effort is required. And there is a need for additional help and downhill braking. Maybe once or a few times it goes with an ordinary wheelbarrow, but then work that otherwise is enjoyable can become a challenge.

For such situations the help of an electric wheelbarrow is the ideal solution.  The electric wheelbarrow therefore has many advantages. So, let’s look at the key benefits of the electric wheelbarrow.

1. Working with an electric wheelbarrow is much more comfortable

The electric wheelbarrow has the necessary help in the electric motor, so you can drive a fully loaded wheelbarrow uphill with ease, without effort.

When you use the intuitive electric wheelbarrow:

  • the electric motor adds just as much power as needed,
  • with extending basic functionality you can also use cruise control
  • it also helps with unloading.
Easy transport in the orchard

Comfortable transport

2. You avoid excessive effort

Especially when becoming senior, we need to be more and more careful about our health. Also, we do not want to be exposed to burdensome activities. Even if there is only one short slope, it can mean a lot of intensity in terms of load when driving an ordinary wheelbarrow.

The motorised wheelbarrow prevents increased effort by lowering loads and making them more even and lower. You drive the electric wheelbarrow uphill with the same ease as on a flat terrain. The electric wheelbarrow is especially helpful for the elderly, just like raised garden beds that do not require bending or squatting, or electric pruning shears for easier work.

Electric wheelbarrow is of great help to transport wood

Great help to transport wood

3. You can do more, or you need less time to finish the work

Because the electric motor helps you with transport, you can load more for a ride, but also due to less effort you can work longer. In the end of the day more work gets done. You will finish the work sooner so there will be some free time left for other enjoyable activities.

Electric wheelbarrow reduces the effort in the orchard

Reduced the effort in the orchard

The intuitive electric wheelbarrow Karjola with 0.4 kWh lithium-ion batteries allows autonomous work for one working day under the normal use. If you only use it for about an hour a day, it is enough to charge it once a week.

4. You take care of the environment


Compared to other motorized vehicles that have an internal combustion engine, the electric wheelbarrow is zero-emission tool. It is environmentally friendly and thus supports sustainability. Emissions are especially important if you use motorized devices indoors, such as in greenhouses.

Electric wheelbarrow in comparison to motorized wheelbarrows with internal combustion engine also has no idle running, the engine is turned on only when you need it.

A big plus for the environment is also when the wheelbarrow remains in use for a long time. That is so if it is made robust and easy to maintain. As such it follows the principles of circular economy. It is important that the batteries are taking proper care off.  They need to be recycled at the end of the battery life.

Karjola is robust

Intuitive electric wheelbarrow Karjola is robust

5. The electric wheelbarrow can also be used instead of a tractor

With the electric wheelbarrow you can drive practically anywhere. Even where it is too narrow or too steep for a tractor or where there is no path. Because it is significantly lighter than a tractor, it also does not damage the terrain. Electric wheelbarrow – and especially the simple intuitive electric wheelbarrow Karjola can be operated by anyone. It is as easy to use as an ordinary wheelbarrow.

You do not need a driver’s license or special training for it. Because it is a smaller device, it is usually always at hand and can be used immediately without having to worry about whether a suitable connector is installed.


6. You can do the work by yourself

It is usually difficult to push the wheelbarrow up a steep slope by yourself and usually someone else’s help is needed. Considerable strength is also needed to transport sand, wet soil or rocks with an ordinary wheelbarrow, and not to overstrain it is better to ask for help.

With an electric wheelbarrow, it is possible to do such work independently without much effort. The electric powered wheelbarrow thus enables comfortable and independent gardening even in senior years.

Work without the help of others

Electric wheelbarrow empowers you.


7. You have a powerful storage of electricity with you on the way

Wherever you drive an electric wheelbarrow, you have a store of larger amounts of electricity with you. So, a lot of electricity can also be available in locations where electrical connections are not close. Wouldn’t you want something cold, in peace, away from the other hustle and bustle?

In summary

The electric wheelbarrow is a very useful tool as it retains all the advantages of an ordinary wheelbarrow. Electric wheelbarrow is:

  • versatile, it facilitates many jobs, the work is done faster and easier
  • simple, it is a tool that everyone knows how to use, you do not need to read extensive instructions or take lessons, also because the use is always safe
  • durable, if well made, it serves you well for a long time
  • well-guided and agile, almost no other means of transport is so agile and manageable, so it is practically possible to drive an electric wheelbarrow or to come with it everywhere, which gives it so much more usability.