30 Minutes of Working with the Soil Helps to Remove Stress

Just 30 minutes of gardening can do a lot to reduce stress levels and it also creates a positive mood, as studies have shown. The level of stress is reduced significantly more than if, for example, you were reading a book during this time. Better well-being is not only associated with fresh air, with getting vitamin D in the sun, with a calming nature, but the actual direct contact with the soil is important.


There are special types of microbes in the soil that increase the production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is the hormone of happiness and contentment and therefore contributes to raising your well-being. Such a healing effect of working with the soil was known already in ancient times, but now we know a scientific explanation for it. The microbacteria in the soil are a natural antidepressant that has no side effects and is not addictive, at least not to medications.


However, we can become a little addicted or. enthusiastic about our gardens, especially when we observe how well it grows what we have planted.


In addition to well-being, where the positive effect lasts up to 3 weeks, these special microbes in the soil can also contribute to improved cognitive function (memory, problem-solving ability) and concentration, which is the subject of further research.


Working in the garden / field can therefore help to improve physical and mental health. A small garden has positive effects, even if it is on the balcony. What is important is our own little place, our own garden, where we can grow our plants. Home-grown vegetables and fruits are healthier and are unbelievably more delicious.


In these times, just a visit to your garden can contribute to a positive mood, but in many places, you can still pick up something from it.

The Use of Heavy Machinery Damages the Soil, Intuitive Electric Wheelbarrow Can Help

The use of heavy machinery in agriculture damages the top layer of the soil. Compaction of the soil increases the density of the soil, reduces the amount of air in the soil and impairs the ability to drain excess water. The fertility of compacted soil is reduced by up to 15%, found the Nordic research project. The more compacted the soil, the more the root growth decreases.

Poorer soil structure leads to greater erosion and greater loss of nutrients and to greater use of pesticides. Soil compaction thus leads to a long-term reduction in fertility.Injuries can be deep  and go down to 50 cm and it may take an entire generation to recover, or they may even never recover.

Farm machinery must therefore be light to minimize the impact on the soil. 

Intuitive electric wheelbarrow is an easy help for sustainable food growing.

The method of tillage and the use of pesticides have the greatest impact on the environment.  The impact on the environment is reduced if unploughed soil is used for cultivation using mulches to retain moisture and control weeds.

Mechanization that is designed to support the needs of small producers is therefore also beneficial for sustainable food production. Sustainable food production using fewer pesticides, fewer fertilizers, and antimicrobials, in an organic way with a reduced impact on biodiversity is also supported by the European Green Deal. This promotes such food chains that have a neutral or positive impact on the environment.

The Story of Karjola

The story of Karjola began with a small orchard and meadow in the hilly part of Slovenia (Northern Primorska), which passed into my possession through the family heritage. I was looking for something simple yet motorized that I could use anywhere and without much effort. Something that would not tire me out, even if I drove up the slope, or on the grass several times in a row, or if I was carrying something heavier. I’ve been a tractor enthusiast since I was young, but I don’t think it makes sense to use tractor for many of such tasks. I found that an electric wheelbarrow would be best suited for this. I researched the solutions on the market and found that they are very far away from a simple user experience with the ordinary wheelbarrow. I knew from my development experience that an electric wheelbarrow could be made easier to use. So, I set out to develop an electric wheelbarrow that can be used so simply as an ordinary wheelbarrow. Then it will be useful for growers who do not need and often do not have sizable mechanization. My goal was also that even if the energy runs out, the usability remains virtually unchanged. I also wanted that it drives fast enough, as I was bothered by the slowness of the tested solutions.

We are now a motivated team from different parts of Slovenia and a new generation of electric wheelbarrows has emerged. We will continue to work hard to make the user experience truly great. Clearly, we will also take care of some add-ons.

Električna samokolnica

Intuitive Electric Wheelbarrow Karjola Was Successfully Introduced at Forum Agenti in Italy

In cooperation with the agency Spirit Slovenija and Agent321 from Italy, the “Forum Agenti Virtual” took place, where we presented our intuitive electric wheelbarrow Karjola. Due to Covid 19, the meetings took place in a virtual way, which was by no means an obstacle to successful business talks. Much interest has been expressed in Karjola, especially for the hilly areas of Italy. There, the intuitive electric wheelbarrow is really a welcome innovative solution and a great help in gardening and agriculture, as well as around the house. There was also a lot of interest in the simple solution of transporting Karjola on a car towbar to take it with you to a country house, in a field or in the woods. There are certainly great opportunities for successful and constructive cooperation.

Our stand at the Forum Agenti Virtual can be viewed here.

Bravo Karjola Team! Intuitive Electric Wheelbarrow Karjola Experienced Its First Presentation to Friends and Families.

Smart, innovative and at the same time simple intuitive electric wheelbarrow Karjola was presented to the public for the first time. Due to Covid-19, this was limited to family members and friends. Great enthusiasm. Many were amazed that there are no gear levers, just one safety button, that nothing gets stuck and that it goes just as fast as you want / walk. You just grab it and drive it. No need to think about which levers need to be moved if you want faster, if you want to reverse, or if you want to stop. It also follows you down the hill at your pace and there is no need to drag it back and stop. Pure comfort.

The presentation took place as part of the GP Karjola race in Bizjak, Kal nad Kanalom. The race with wheelbarrows, which was carried out this year with ordinary ones, required good physical condition from the competitors. Driving (running) up the slope without the help of an engine was quite tiring. That is why we all enthusiastically greeted Karjola, who arrived at the scene right on the car towbar. This, too, is the innovation that Karjola brings. To use it at the country house, in the woods or in a field that is a bit away is no longer a problem. You just place it on your car towbar, and you drive.

Some of us are already looking forward to getting it as it will really come in handy.

Električna samokolnica

Smart Intuitive Electric Wheelbarrow, Is this Possible?

More than year ago I was thinking a lot about an electric wheelbarrow and questioning myself: Is it possible? How does it look like? How does it work? Does it work at all?

I searched the internet, not many hits, what was found did not convince me.

Electrical wheelbarrow, do you mean seriously?

It was Saturday. Marko wanted to present us his innovation, the project he was working on for many years. We were at his place. He was standing in front of us with a thick binder, full of his ideas, solutions in his hands. He was talking and explaining, showing us sketches and drawings, … For the first time I heard about an electric wheelbarrow. It seemed to me at that point like a science fiction.

I am incredibly happy that Marko invited me to join his project. Today I can imagine how an electric wheelbarrow looks like and how it works. There is already a lot of testing behind us and we are all enthusiastic. And more, our wheelbarrow is not only electric, it is intuitive, it is smart. Our wheelbarrow is iBarrow – Karjola.

It is totally unique, the one you cannot find in any shop yet. I know because I was searching and asking around for this kind of a solution and could not find one. But I heard from many sellers they would like to see, offer it.

I lot of knowledge, work and effort of the whole team that believed in the iBarrow has been put into its development. The team that believes Karajola will be a revolution in the market! An important device that relieves the effort when there is a large amount of work. It supports local and self – sufficient. Respecting the work and the time of an individual in this fast pace of life.

I genuinely believe Karjola will help ease the work at home, in the fields, with farmland, in the garden and at many other places. For me it will be particularly useful in the orchard. I would already need it now when we are pruning branches off our apple trees. But I know that this year picking apples with Karjola will not only be easier and faster but also remarkably interesting, especially for children.

I am really looking forward.

Marinka Pertovt Jerkič