Frequently asked questions

The smart electric wheelbarrow Karjola arrives fully assembled and ready to use (we recommend charging the batteries and following the instructions for use before the first use).

The charger and batteries are included in the price and do not need to be ordered separately.

If you want to experience Karjola, please turn to our network.

For installment purchases, we offer the option of paying with Diners Club Card and KLARNA. With the DINERS CLUB card, it is possible to make a purchase with deferred payment in installments in accordance with the conditions offered by the issuer of the Diners Club card. With KLARNA, the Buy now, pay later method is possible for customers from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Great Britain.

Karjola has a 500 W motor and can overcome a 26% slope. It can also have a temporarily increased power of up to 1500 W for a short time, which allows you to overcome an obstacle if, for example, you drive into a pothole.

The battery capacity is 384 W h, which is sufficient for all-day use (without intermediate charging), even if you use it intensively. With the average use, it is expected to charge it once a week, and with low use, monthly.

When driving downhill, the Karjola actively brakes with the help of the motor, the drive is switched on. It also has a handbrake that can be activated when stopping on a slope (see instructions for the use). When turning, Karjola automatically reduces speed to enable comfortable turning without rushing.

Karjola runs smoothly and can be used just as well also when the engine is switched off. In this case, there is no help with the drive, but the wheel rotates without jamming, just as well as with an ordinary wheelbarrow.

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