Smart Intuitive Electric Wheelbarrow, Is this Possible?

More than year ago I was thinking a lot about an electric wheelbarrow and questioning myself: Is it possible? How does it look like? How does it work? Does it work at all?

I searched the internet, not many hits, what was found did not convince me.

Electrical wheelbarrow, do you mean seriously?

It was Saturday. Marko wanted to present us his innovation, the project he was working on for many years. We were at his place. He was standing in front of us with a thick binder, full of his ideas, solutions in his hands. He was talking and explaining, showing us sketches and drawings, … For the first time I heard about an electric wheelbarrow. It seemed to me at that point like a science fiction.

I am incredibly happy that Marko invited me to join his project. Today I can imagine how an electric wheelbarrow looks like and how it works. There is already a lot of testing behind us and we are all enthusiastic. And more, our wheelbarrow is not only electric, it is intuitive, it is smart. Our wheelbarrow is iBarrow – Karjola.

It is totally unique, the one you cannot find in any shop yet. I know because I was searching and asking around for this kind of a solution and could not find one. But I heard from many sellers they would like to see, offer it.

I lot of knowledge, work and effort of the whole team that believed in the iBarrow has been put into its development. The team that believes Karajola will be a revolution in the market! An important device that relieves the effort when there is a large amount of work. It supports local and self – sufficient. Respecting the work and the time of an individual in this fast pace of life.

I genuinely believe Karjola will help ease the work at home, in the fields, with farmland, in the garden and at many other places. For me it will be particularly useful in the orchard. I would already need it now when we are pruning branches off our apple trees. But I know that this year picking apples with Karjola will not only be easier and faster but also remarkably interesting, especially for children.

I am really looking forward.

Marinka Pertovt Jerkič