The Story of Karjola

The story of Karjola began with a small orchard and meadow in the hilly part of Slovenia (Northern Primorska), which passed into my possession through the family heritage. I was looking for something simple yet motorized that I could use anywhere and without much effort. Something that would not tire me out, even if I drove up the slope, or on the grass several times in a row, or if I was carrying something heavier. I’ve been a tractor enthusiast since I was young, but I don’t think it makes sense to use tractor for many of such tasks. I found that an electric wheelbarrow would be best suited for this. I researched the solutions on the market and found that they are very far away from a simple user experience with the ordinary wheelbarrow. I knew from my development experience that an electric wheelbarrow could be made easier to use. So, I set out to develop an electric wheelbarrow that can be used so simply as an ordinary wheelbarrow. Then it will be useful for growers who do not need and often do not have sizable mechanization. My goal was also that even if the energy runs out, the usability remains virtually unchanged. I also wanted that it drives fast enough, as I was bothered by the slowness of the tested solutions.

We are now a motivated team from different parts of Slovenia and a new generation of electric wheelbarrows has emerged. We will continue to work hard to make the user experience truly great. Clearly, we will also take care of some add-ons.