Električna samokolnica

Intuitive Electric Wheelbarrow Karjola Was Successfully Introduced at Forum Agenti in Italy

In cooperation with the agency Spirit Slovenija and Agent321 from Italy, the “Forum Agenti Virtual” took place, where we presented our intuitive electric wheelbarrow Karjola. Due to Covid 19, the meetings took place in a virtual way, which was by no means an obstacle to successful business talks. Much interest has been expressed in Karjola, especially for the hilly areas of Italy. There, the intuitive electric wheelbarrow is really a welcome innovative solution and a great help in gardening and agriculture, as well as around the house. There was also a lot of interest in the simple solution of transporting Karjola on a car towbar to take it with you to a country house, in a field or in the woods. There are certainly great opportunities for successful and constructive cooperation.

Our stand at the Forum Agenti Virtual can be viewed here.