30 Minutes of Working with the Soil Helps to Remove Stress

Just 30 minutes of gardening can do a lot to reduce stress levels and it also creates a positive mood, as studies have shown. The level of stress is reduced significantly more than if, for example, you were reading a book during this time. Better well-being is not only associated with fresh air, with getting vitamin D in the sun, with a calming nature, but the actual direct contact with the soil is important.


There are special types of microbes in the soil that increase the production of serotonin in the body. Serotonin is the hormone of happiness and contentment and therefore contributes to raising your well-being. Such a healing effect of working with the soil was known already in ancient times, but now we know a scientific explanation for it. The microbacteria in the soil are a natural antidepressant that has no side effects and is not addictive, at least not to medications.


However, we can become a little addicted or. enthusiastic about our gardens, especially when we observe how well it grows what we have planted.


In addition to well-being, where the positive effect lasts up to 3 weeks, these special microbes in the soil can also contribute to improved cognitive function (memory, problem-solving ability) and concentration, which is the subject of further research.


Working in the garden / field can therefore help to improve physical and mental health. A small garden has positive effects, even if it is on the balcony. What is important is our own little place, our own garden, where we can grow our plants. Home-grown vegetables and fruits are healthier and are unbelievably more delicious.


In these times, just a visit to your garden can contribute to a positive mood, but in many places, you can still pick up something from it.